Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sweater Accessories

Sunrise Circle Jacket will have buttons!
Yesterday I was at Joann's to pick up some craft items for school, and happened to check out their buttons...and my fiance' helped me pick out these for the jacket. They are perfect, a little bit of gray to go with the gray flecks. Can't wait to see the finished project! So far, I have three projects "on the needles"...the sunrise jacket, streakers shrug, and fishladder socks.

Streakers, progress! Working like crazy to get this done...more than half way there!! Yay!! I am binding off stiches now at the arms, I think I could be done with this this weekend.

Easter Pins made today in my class Here is what I did today! I made these Easter pins with my about some chick buttons for my sunrise circle jacket?? HaHa. The students were excited to wear their cute pins today.

Monday, April 10, 2006


Streakers has arms!

Well, this is as far as I went as of Sunday. I LOOOOOOOVE the striping that is going on...much more even than the first one I had started. I think the size is about right, maybe won't be too big. Hope not...otherwise, it might be called........................ Streakers Batwing Shrug :0 Anyway, I like the way it is knitting up, happy with it! We will see in a few days... School was back in session today, so back to the slow go at knitting for a while. Only have until May 24, tho. I am itching to get back to the Sunrise Circle Jacket!! Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Sweet Berry Sunrise...

I is the back of my Sunrise Circle Jacket! The color is sweet...berry with some gray and white flecks throughout! LOOOOOVE it! Gotta go knit now!

It's Official!!

Sunrise Circle Jacket

I am now officially a Knitalong Groupie! I was accepted into the Sunrise Circle Jacket knitalong! YAY!! I must say, I am really excited to be a part of a big knitting group...I look forward to finishing my Jacket and seeing everyone else accomplish their own. It is neat to see all the different colors and yarns everyone is using. I am looking forward to all the new adventures I will undertake with being a Knitting Groupie.

I did not get any knitting done, instead my hubby-to-be and I began the huge task of Spring Cleaning. We put all the plants out, went to Home Depot and bought a huge new home for our Split leaf philly, picked up some storage containers for winter clothes(and bags for my knitting is now all in one place...Under the entire bed!) So we went through our stuff, cleaned out some closets, threw some stuff out, more stuff to the garage for garage be continued tomorrow.

Well, I am off to knit...must...finish....streakers.....shrug....!

To Frog, or not to Frog.....

Streakers Shrug

In the beginning...well, the second beginning of the Streakers Shrug...I loooove the yarn in Oriental streak...but this skein has some major thick and thin issues. I am trying to decide weather or not to frog it and begin again with another skein...but my hubby to be says to leave it, that the "bumps" caused by the thicker parts of the yarn give it character. I guess he is right. I so want to get this done, I am going to keep going! I just hope that making this in the bigger size doesn't end up way tooooo big on me! We will see, this knits up fast. Then it is on to the Felted Hobo bag. And the Sunrise Circle Jacket.

Making a fashion statement

Here is my dog, Isis, wearing a knit hat. She is such a great model! I am in the process of learning how to download my digital camera pics onto the computer and then to here! I will be posting more pics of my knitting soon!

Now, I must get back to knitting! Must finish my Streakers Shrug before I go back to work Monday. Spring Break is over :(
I really want to begin working on the Felted Hobo bag that I will also use the Streakers wool for, but first things first, Shrug! I also have some socks on the needles to finish...Fish Ladder socks by Mountain Colors in which I am using Mountain Colors Weavers Wool in Wild Raspberry...beautiful! And not to forget my Sunrise Circle Jacket, in which I am using Karabella Soft Tweed in Berry...a light pink with gray and white flecks throughout! I have a lot of knitting to do!!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Newbie Blogger

Well, here I go on a new adventure on the internet. After countless hours of surfing the web and visiting all of the Knitters Blogs, I have decided to take on one of my own. With a lot of help from my brainy computer nerd fiance'. This will be fun...and I will spend countless hours on my own Blog Spot, in between knitting of course...while my fiance' spends countless hours on his computer playing video games. What a perfect arrangement we have :)

I have been knitting the Sunrise Circle Jacket from Interweave Knits and am having lots of fun...I even emailed Kate with a problem I was having and she told me to visit the Sunrisecirclejacket blog...I am thinking about joining! What a fun thing to do, knit along with others and getting to see all of the finished projects!

I have also been knitting the Streakers Shrug out of the same mag...and had to tear it out...tooooo small, so I have ordered more of the yarn **yikes, expensive, but oooooh so worth it**and am making the shrug a little bigger. The La Lana Wools Streakers! is absolutely a dream to work with!! I highly recommend it to any knitter. I am having a great affair with this yarn...and am looking forward to wearing it!

I will post pics as I am finished with projects...this should be a fun undertaking!