Sunday, December 17, 2006

"Joy" to the world...and Spread the Love.

I have been working on the Joy Cardigan and the Besotted scarf in the evenings after knitting a few rows on the Demi pullover. The Demi is one that I can knit a few rows and be done with it for a day, it is sooo tedious. I have completed a second pattern repeat, but did not want to post another picture of it. Maybe when I am done with the piece I am working on. The Besotted scarf is for my oldest son who really wants a hand-knit scarf from his mommy. I am using Malabrigo in the Alpine Pearl color that he picked out this summer when our LYS was having a big sale. I like the pattern- cute little X's and O's-what I call *spread the love* scarf!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Here is what I have been working on since Thanksgiving.... The Demi pullover! It is one tough knit...really must pay attention to the pattern and is driving me crazy, but I think it is going to be worth it all in the end!

I have been too busy for blogging lately, with a new student in my class (super sweet! but a lot more work with 7 of them!), Christmas shopping and planning, and just plain tired out! I will be working on this Demi for a while, I have a feeling. I also had to frog Joy, thinking I had made a mistake, and realized later that I did not make a mistake...oh, well. Knitting is therapy, so if you have to re-do a knit, it is just extra therapy! Well, I am off to go roller-skating with my youngest...last Monday was bowling night, all for Cub Scouts!