Friday, April 07, 2006

Newbie Blogger

Well, here I go on a new adventure on the internet. After countless hours of surfing the web and visiting all of the Knitters Blogs, I have decided to take on one of my own. With a lot of help from my brainy computer nerd fiance'. This will be fun...and I will spend countless hours on my own Blog Spot, in between knitting of course...while my fiance' spends countless hours on his computer playing video games. What a perfect arrangement we have :)

I have been knitting the Sunrise Circle Jacket from Interweave Knits and am having lots of fun...I even emailed Kate with a problem I was having and she told me to visit the Sunrisecirclejacket blog...I am thinking about joining! What a fun thing to do, knit along with others and getting to see all of the finished projects!

I have also been knitting the Streakers Shrug out of the same mag...and had to tear it out...tooooo small, so I have ordered more of the yarn **yikes, expensive, but oooooh so worth it**and am making the shrug a little bigger. The La Lana Wools Streakers! is absolutely a dream to work with!! I highly recommend it to any knitter. I am having a great affair with this yarn...and am looking forward to wearing it!

I will post pics as I am finished with projects...this should be a fun undertaking!


Blogger Susan said...

Welsome to blogging, Shannie! This is susan, your Hobo Bag friend. Just wanted to check out your blog. I have the same template.

11:43 PM  

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