Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sweater Accessories

Sunrise Circle Jacket will have buttons!
Yesterday I was at Joann's to pick up some craft items for school, and happened to check out their buttons...and my fiance' helped me pick out these for the jacket. They are perfect, a little bit of gray to go with the gray flecks. Can't wait to see the finished project! So far, I have three projects "on the needles"...the sunrise jacket, streakers shrug, and fishladder socks.

Streakers, progress! Working like crazy to get this done...more than half way there!! Yay!! I am binding off stiches now at the arms, I think I could be done with this this weekend.

Easter Pins made today in my class Here is what I did today! I made these Easter pins with my about some chick buttons for my sunrise circle jacket?? HaHa. The students were excited to wear their cute pins today.


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