Thursday, May 25, 2006


Here is my latest creation in the works...the beautiful Clapotis in Noro Sakura color #5...I loooove the dropped stitches...they are sooo much fun! I will be making more of these, probably in worsted weight yarn to make it a little bit bigger so that it can be worn as a wrap or scarf. My friend Lilly already put an order in for one. This yarn is fun to work with, so many colors and neat textures with the unusual "wrapped" yarn every so often.
My fiance' has once again proven what a great eye he has for yarn, he picked out this yarn and the color...he is such a great support for my hobby...I think he has as much fun going to the yarn store as I do...well, maybe not, but he does enjoy watching me with my knitting hobby and loves to see me happy! What a sweetie!! I am sooooo lucky!!
The countdown to marriage is on!! Just a little over a week...Wow, it is hard to believe! I am the luckiest woman on earth and can't wait to be married!


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