Sunday, May 21, 2006

What have I been up to lately??

I have been knitting every night, getting ready for the end of the school year, and WEDDINGS!! This is my fiance', Michael, my two boys, and I at Michael's brothers wedding a couple of weeks ago. What fun!! And to think that We will be married in a little more than two weeks. We are getting married on June 6...our date is 06/06/06! Never going to forget that one!

Here is my 6 year old and I waiting patiently for the wedding to begin...Michael was in the wedding so we all had to be there 2 hours before the wedding...the boys were soooo patient!!

This is the Streakers Shrug that I just finished blocking...knit in Noro Silk Garden #213 and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I finished the first shrug using the Streakers about a month ago...will post pics soon. But I like it in the Noro!! I have worn the first shrug so much, it is my favorite thing so far that I have knit!! I had to make another, and had some Noro I was going to use for socks...decided it would make a better shrug! LOOOOOVE it!! I will finish the lace cuffs and seaming tomorrow and will post pics for sure.

This is an awesome Booga bag that I knit and felted about 2 months ago...and have been using it ever since!! My first felted bag and will have to knit another soon, I love it! I have to make Michael's mom one for her birthday soon. She really loves it!

This is me knitting...I hold my arms up when knitting...weird but it works! I think I do it because it is more comfy on my back...I usually knit in bed, because I can prop up against the wall and sit very straight...when I knit sitting on the couch, I can't lean back because I need to be sitting straight or my back will hurt. I guess we all have our secrets!
I have also started on the Clapotis by Kate Gilbert, same designer for the Sunrise Circle Jacket, and am knitting it in the new yarn by Noro...mostly synthetic with a little wool and silk and it is turning out lovely. Will post pics soon...Finished one of my Fishladder socks and began the other...I have been busy!


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