Friday, September 01, 2006

Booga Bag for MIL!

I have been busy knitting a Booga Bag for my MIL's birthday, which was today...and I am finished!! I am felting it right now...hopefully, it will be blocked and ready to give to her tomorrow evening! Happy Birthday, MOM-IN- LAW!

I have many, many other projects OTN that I have been working on little by little...nothing worth a pic, tho...I am beginning the sleeves of my cabled hoodie and hopefully I will be finishing that sooooon!! I have many socks in the works that I must finish before I join any sock of the month clubs...and I am really wanting to join one, such as Sundara Petals Collection(which opens up on September 12 for new members), Rockin' Sock Club(Blue Moon Fiber Arts) will be opening soon for, I MUST knit all the socks I have currently so that I won't feel bad about joining these clubs...oh, what am I talking about, I won't feel bad either way :o)))))))) I will post a pic later to show the bag felted! Chow for now! Oh, yeah, it has been four weeks and 1 day since my DH and I have had a smoke! Yay for us!!


Anonymous Roxanne said...

Wow, that's really cute! Nice job!

4:52 PM  

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